To change our world, we need collective and individual leadership that supports people as they use their voice to demand their rights. For 20 years, the ILSB has worked to support the leadership of women, young people, and activists that are working to create a more just and equal society.

We are a feminist organization and training center that has spent the past two decades working to develop leaders using a gender, intercultural, and human rights perspective.

Twenty years of developing transformational leadership

We bring young people, women, activists, and land defenders together to share their stories and connect. Our capacity building processes encourage participants to share their perspectives and reflect on ways to transform their realities. Each participant speaks in their own voice.


People representing many different causes were able to come together. It was amazing to meet more young people and to learn from them and to get feedback on our positions, ideas, and knowledge—to work together to imagine a better world.

Participant from the REDefine Youth Network’s New Leaders Program


I came from Guatemala to learn what I was never going to learn at university. The things I learned during the Regional Capacity Building Program for Young Territory and Land Defenders helped me ground the ideas that I had in my head.

Participant from the Regional Capacity Building Program for Young Territory and Land Defenders


I learned that we have to continue to create a feminism that is grounded in love. Also the approach to spirituality helped me open my heart and return to my origins.

Participant from the Advanced Capacity Building Program for Indigenous Leaders


I’ve learned a lot about the importance of getting out of my comfort zone to challenge my ableism. To not just think about people with disabilities, but to share with them as well.

Participant from the Latin American Institute on Sexuality and Politics


I learned that there’s the possibility that we’ll have to deal with authorities that don’t agree with the work we’re doing, people that don’t share our commitment to providing better health services, so we have to prepare ourselves and fight the good fight.

Participant from the “What is Public is Ours” social monitoring workshop

Twenty years of supporting movements committed to change and in favor of equality

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